Novelty Lighting
    Chauvet lighting     Lava Lamps
Magic Mushroom lamps     Mirror Balls
Blacklight Posters and Tapestries
    Blacklight Paint, Stars and other blacklight items

    Buttons and Patches     Funky blacklite posters
    M.C. Escher Prints     Stickers     Tie Dyes
    Collectible posters     CarGraphics-Stickers
Self Adornment
Hair Dyes & Bleaches     Tattoos and Body Piercing
    Jewelry and Party Glow Items     Mardi Gras stuff
T-Shirts, Caps and Jackets     Funny Buttons

Gift Items
Cedar Boxes     Candles and Candle Holders
Wind Chimes-Dreamcatchers     Statues     Wall Art
Indian Sarongs-Bedspreads     Crystals-Gem Trees
Incense and Aromatherapy Products
100's of Luscious Scents of Stick and Cone Incense
Large Selection of Incense Burners     Oil Lamps
Kama Sutra Products     Massage Products

Martial Arts and other Asian Imports

Throwing Stars     Knives     Swords     Chess Sets
Flags     Lucky Bamboo     Indonesian Imports
African Imports   Dragons-Gargoyles   Chinese Fans
Spirituality and Feng Shui Items
Incense     Chimes     Baguas
Mirrors     Books     Buddhas
New Age Books
Homestead     Magic     Wiccan     Psychedlics
IBS- International Biogenic Society    ARE- Edgar Cayce Society    Theosophical University Press
Novelty Tobacco Accessories
Lighters, Assorted Cigarettes and Cigars
Pipes, Papers and Smoking Supplies
Imported and Domestic Tobacco Products
Coming Soon- Visit Our New "Shishah Room"
Novelty Adult Entertainment Products
Surprise and Delight your lover with
one of our unique novelty items
or choose from our large selection of
Adult Video, DVD, Sex-toys and Magazines.
Music Department
Choose from hundreds of
CDs     Cassettes     Videos     DVDs
    PS, PSII, Nintendo, Sega and other Video-Games
or look for all your favorite bands in our large
selection of Posters, T-shirts, Stickers or Patches
Used Book Department
Hard-cover novels, biographies, rare finds and
a large paperback selection
for even the most discerning bookworm.
Payne's Newsstand Department
Magazines, Newspapers, Pop, Candy and Munchies

Visit our Magic Carpet Café overlooking the Canal, it brings to mind magic shrooms, our new age products and other visionary products or Visit the Den of Muses, there we have muses for music, drama, writing, videogames, movies and all creative endeavors or you may choose to Visit our Jolly Buddha Snack Shop, Hota Hei, the Laughing Buddha
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